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I'm amazed by the amount of soya milk, yoghurt, etc on offer in French supermarkets.

I use a lot of soya milk and am looking for the cheapest around - Champion sell their own brand at 0.99 Euro .... has anyone seen it cheaper than that.

Thank  [:)]

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That's much cheaper than I've seen it.  Just yesterday in an 'Organic' shop I saw 'Bio' soya milk for 1.78 euros.  How they can claim the 'bio' tag I don't know as even Monsanto admit that they don't know which soya is GM and what isn't anymore

Actually, I can't stand soya 'milk' products, makes me gag, I was persueded to try some by some veggie friends, nearly upchucked.  Fortunately I have the lactose gene so no probs with ordinary cow's milk.

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I thought 0.99 euro it was pretty cheap!  I'm just waiting for them to realise their mistake and hike the price up.

It's all down to taste and what you're used to isn't it .... just the smell of cows 'milk' makes me gag.  Even if somebody has had it in a cup of coffee it smells so strong on their breath    [+o(]    Still, each to their own   

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