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single bed anyone?


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does anyone have a plain and simple (Ikea'ish) single bed for sale, or know where i can find one?  i'm in brittany and Ikea itself is an age away and much of the wooden furniture available is just to chunky. It's my first post, so maybe i'll be lucky![:D]

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I guess you must have checked into the whereabouts of your nearest IKEA store and their delivery area (Nantes seems to be the only Ikea anywhere near your side of the country).  So if this is not an option - I would suggest looking for your nearest Troc de L'isle store (a combination of second-hand household and low-priced new goods).  Try the yellow pages or Pages Jaunes on the web to find your nearest branch as they seem to be all over France. Other than that, both Fly and But are quite reasonable for basic beds and the commercial centres where they are usually situated often have 'bed specialists' nearby.  Wherever you are buying, make sure you have all the bits: beds seem to come in several parts in France.  Unless it is secondhand and all there in front of you you usually need a bed frame (structure lit), a bed base (sommier) and a mattress (matelas).  Sometimes a headboard is part of the base and sometimes it isn't!  Good luck: I hope you find what you are looking for,


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We got a bed and a sofa from BUT and they lent us a van(free) to take it away in;tho' having seen and driven the van,I don't think they would have been too worried if I didn't return it.
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