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Wax for dreds


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Hi Cat,

Had long hair (very) in my early years but spent my working life in a suit with SB&S. On retiring I decided to let it grow but found I couldn't cope with it. The first sign of a 'flick' and out came the cutters.


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[quote user="Cat"]

D'you know bugbear, I was on the point of asking who SB&S were, thought for a moment they might be a banking group or something [:$] 

And Mark, is the wax for you?  I never pictured you with dreds?


Cat, no, for da Squidge.

I did myself a Grade 4 all over the other day, bored whilst waiting for the rain to stop!  I used to have sort of sticky-up dreads like Monsieur Smith in the picture, but my backcombing days are behind me now. [:)] 

Oh, and thanks for the links - perfect.

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