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Christmas shopping online


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As last year, for presents for UK friends/family  I'm doing most of my shopping online from UK sites and getting things sent direct. Cheaper postage and saves wandering round shops, fighting with the crowds! Mainly use Amazon,  Ebay, IWOOT, etc..

Anyone got any fave websites for their pressie shopping?

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Like many people in France shopping for friends/family who are in the UK, I have used several web sites. One which stands out is www.piajewellery.com which is based in the UK but does wonderful and (sometimes) inexpensive jewellery and gifts.Worth a look and if you order by 17th December you get your goods delivered by Xmas. My order quoted 7 -10 days delivery and was delivered in 8 days. Money not taken from my account until goods were posted![:)] Communication excellent too. P & P was £3.95 for 2 items. [:D]


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It's getting a bit close to the wire for deliveries over to here for Christmas, but there might just still be time.

One of our sons is a mad keen Man Utd supporter - their merchandising website is pretty good and p&p reasonable.  Clothing is good quality for the price and varies from 'in your face' to quite discreet and tasteful. (Well if you're an MU supporter!)

This year's order arrived a week ago within 2 days of order (by ordinary post). They'd mispicked 2 of the 3 items.  Email from me to advise, reply more or less immediately, correct items delivered by UPS an hour ago.  That's what I call good service - things can always go wrong, but it's what the supplier does to fix it that counts.  Recommended.


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