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Ready made pastry - which is what?


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"Pâte sablée" is slightly sweetened, and the thing to use for, say, a fruit tart.

Personally I don't find that the French version of "pâte feuilletée" (flaky pastry) puffs up nearly as much as our puff pastry.  I sometimes freeze packs of Saxby's puff pastry and take it over with me.

It can be a nuisance to find your French pastry has already been rolled into a nice circle when you buy it.  I have bought it to make a dish of pork fillet "en croute" and found the French pastry shape much more wasteful of pastry than rectangular or square.



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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]

[quote user="Hoddy"]some of them are already rolled into convenient circles for tarts. [/quote]

That's an unkind thing to call Toodlepips!  She only said that she didn't do much pastry baking [:D]



F'nar, f'nar!  [;-)]


thanks for all the replies folks - a big help

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