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Yes, it's no problem at all. I have both bought and sold items and have yet to have a problem. The same cannot be said for my experiences with transactions in the UK.

I once sold a two-seater canoe to a family in Montpellier. They arranged for a camion to collect it, who dutifully arrived, gave me a cheque for the full amount and drove off with it.


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Just wondered, do you have a Paypal account here in France? If so do you have a problem using it? I had one in the UK, no probs at all but as yet over here I have only brought from the UK using my Nationwide cheque account. However, that falls down when cheques are not accepted. I also have a French cheque book, but would maybe like to start and sell stuff now. Are you registered on ebay.fr or ebay.co.uk?

sorry for all the questions [:(]but your experiences would be useful to me.


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In my experience if you originally regster with an address in France then everything is in French - even your messages and e-mails, regardless of where you send or receive - and Paypal accounts are linked to France too.

Although you can change delivery addresses, bank details etc, it is impossible to swap accounts between countries without starting a completely new account, and thus losing your history. It's certainly impossible with Paypal, in theory it should be possible with ebay itself, but I haven't managed to do it and ebay seems incapable of cohenrently answering my questions about how it could be done.

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I opened a new A\C with eBay.fr so now have 2 completely separate A\C's with different names so my UK history has no connection to my French A\C. Both are linked to my single Paypal A\C though.

Also, on eBay UK I can change my address between UK (daughters address) and France at any time so for sellers who won't post to France I can still have stuff sent to UK.

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