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As far as I know, the Limoges shop does not do furniture.

I have bought sofas, beds, dining-room chairs and rattan chairs from the catalogue. Everything arrived under strong packaging and in good order.

I recently bought a table-top oven from the catalogue and had it replaced, as it had been damaged during transport. The replacement came very quickly, but did not work properly. The refund was handled very efficiently.

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Thanks Clair - have I misunderstood the delivery charges because I plugged something in to see how much delivery was and it came up as 25 euros, then for good measure I added a few more large items to see what happened and it still came up as 25 euros !

Seems remarkable for France, where delivery is so expensive, so perhaps it would have changed when it came to actually ordering the stuff ?

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Thanks.   It was the furniture I was really looking for, although I have bought clothes from them on-line, which has always been fine, but I hesitate to buy furniture which I can't actually see first  ........ I suppose its a quality issue.   I don't expect it to be fantastic for the prices, but I do want reasonably sturdy furniture.    Might order a couple of smaller things and see what I think of them, before I go over-board!!

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