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Why won't some French shops give prices by telephone?


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I called an electrical supplier recently for a price of an item. They refused to give me a price, said they could not do this over the phone, and told me I have to go there.

I have had a similar problem with batteries.

What are they worried about? Are they paranoid or are their staff just lazy?

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[quote user="Iceni"]

Why won't you go to the shop ? Paranoia or laziness ? [:)]



Neither. Do you have a problem understanding the use of a telephone for an obvious purpose?

I would have thought it is pretty obvious. But :-

I want to compare prices.

The shops are miles away.

I don't want to waste my time driving around shops and queueing up just to ask prices.

I want to let my fingers do the walking.


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I came across this too when I wanted a quote for over materials worth around €1700.

I got immediate phone quotes from Chausson, Point P and Gedimat and they all followed up with an immediate email breakdown.

However, a shop I have used very frequently before said they would only give quotes over the counter.

Guess who I didn't bother with?

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