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Although we have a U card we don't go into their shops very often as we have an excellent nearly new Leclerc near to us. Today was an exception as we were visiting friends and passing by a new Hyper U.

Mrs Benjamin wanted a few things some of which carried Bonus Points which we thought, just like in the past, would be added to the total recorded against our card and shown on the till receipt. Easy peasy.

It wasn't until we got home that we found this is no longer the case. You are issued with one of their till printed "offer" tickets which you have to take back to the same shop to be added to your card the next time you visit.

So how many of us either won't visit that store again or not before the very imminent expiry date or will simply not realise there's been a change to the system or will simply loose the "offer" ticket?

Classic example in my book of taking a simple shopping reward system and making it complicated to the extent that we'll avoid any of the U Group stores in the future.

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I may be wrong, but these tickets are not usually for points earned, but vouchers to be used against future purchases to gain bonus points.  Whenever there are points on purchase offers, they are added immediately, but HyperU often give printed vouchers which require a certain spend on a type of product in the future.  Hope this helps.

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