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SAV in N Lot - congrats not the usual moan


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Our SEB Actifry (shallow fat frying thing) died, aged 4 months. Today we were provided with a replacement under guarantee thanks to the combined efforts of SEB, Catena in Bretenoux (where we bought it) and M. Mommejac in St Cere (the fantastic Mr Mend-it for kitchen goods, Hoovers etc)

I know that we have only received the SAV to which we are entitled but having read so many tales of "*** off immigrant, I've got your money" I decided to post some good news.

BTW M. Mommejac has just replaced the interior lamp in Di's all-singing, all-dancing Panasonic microwave for 10€ - we were once quoted £80 for a similar job 10 years ago when we lived in Colchester. I realise that M.M's work  might be of interest to only 1 or 2 other readers but he deserves the mention.


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My experience of M. Mommejac's service is not as positive as yours and I have found the excellent service you describe in another liitle spare parts place in Aurillac!

I have always found Catena in Bretenoux to be very good in the past but haven't had yet the occasion to try it under its new ownership. Good to know it still provide excellent SAV [:)]

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