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Furniture in Dept 16

Paul King

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Hi Everyone,

We live in Dept 16 near Villebois and would like to visit some shops where you can buy traditional/antique French furniture at a reasonalbe cost but not your new modern Ikea/Conforma type products - we are willing to travel an hour or so each way..

We would be most grateful if anyone has any ideas?

Many thanks


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The french are all going to IKEA/Conforma these days, so getting old style furniture is dead easy, that's probably no one replied! Most big towns and cities have a Troc, giant second hand warehouses. A good place to start. There will 1 or 2 in Angouleme. Find your nearest one here www.troc.com/, you can sometimes view some of their stock. If you want to be even more french they use a very popular free classified website www.leboncoin.fr/

Hope that helps.


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