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TVA on Fruit


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I've never taken a lot of notice before but having just returned from our local supermarket I notice that TVA has been charged at 5.5% on Italian grapes but Spanish clementines are charged at 19.6%.

Does anyone know the rules for TVA on food or is this just a mistake by the supermarket?

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France, there are three rates of VAT. The code général des impôts sets out

that only essential goods and consumer goods such as unprocessed food

carry a reduced rate, other goods are taxed at 19.6%.

Generally speaking, food products are taxed at the reduced rate of 5.5%, so the Spanish clementines should be at the same rate as the Italian grapes.

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AFAIK, a drop to 2.2% on fruit and veg has been discussed recently in conjunction with a rate increase to 19.6% on snacks and other "junk" food, in a bid to fight the increase in obesity.

The current economic crisis has put paid to the discussions.
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