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What spuds do I need to buy to get a decent roast potato. I have tried par boiling, not par boiling, taking our prior to serving and then putting them back into really hot oil but they always come out soggy. They ruin a good roast dinner and I am deperate for s crispy roast potato. I even resorted to doing " chip pan roast " but not the same is it. [:(][:(]
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From someone who's OH loves roasters and is fussy with it......

We have found the best roasting potatoes in France are BINTJE - Here in dept 24 you can get them in Grand Frais in big 10kg bags... I haven't found any others that are any good for roasters.

On a trip to Barcelona once, we brought Caesar's and Mona Lisa's and they weren't too bad, but they were Spanish grown. When we tried the same varieties French grown they were not roasting quality - The lengths we go to for spuds [:D]

Anyway, the Bintje's are the best I have found so far. I know 10kg is a big bag for 2, but they only cost about 2.95 euro and if kept in a cool place they will last ages. They are also good for all other uses. If I get to the stage where I think they won't keep much longer, I peel, slice thinly, and bake in the oven with salt, pepper, chili flakes, sage and a chicken stock cube. I then freeze them and re-heat when I want them - lovely. As for roasting, I par boil and then let them go cold, before they go into hot oil in the oven

Good Luck

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My local supermarkets are SuperU and Intermarche so I will look for the spuds you have mentioned and fingers crossed next Sunday will be just fantastic. I have mastered the Yorkies OK it is just the roasties which let me down and we actually had lamb today....took out a second mortgage  LOL  [:)][:)][:)]
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