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Windolene equivalent


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Does anyone know if there is an equivalent to Windolene in France ? I want to use it to tempoarily block off the view from outside into my house while some works are going on and for various reasons I cannot use nett curtains. I used to use it years ago on shop fronts as it is such an easy method to stop nosey people from glaring in !

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True it is for cleaning windows but an old trick is to put it on windows fairly liberaly and let it dry so if forms a whiteish translucent finish to prevent noseyness.  When you're done, just polish it off and you have sparkling windows as a bonus!
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Ok, you can use Brasso or equivelant, go to the garden centre & see what they sell for obscuring glass in greenhouses in hot weather, OR.....

try this

Epsom Salts and beer. That gives the opaque look and also

came out really nice. I only recall pouring enough beer into

a dish of E.Salts to moisten it gradually. Then 'paint' it on!

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