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Electromenager delivery?

Steve Last

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We have a requirement for several large items (washing machine, fridge, cooker) all at the same time, for delivery in Chatel (Savoie). The one local store seems very expensive (+50%) over online prices but I cannot establish whether if we buy from big chains  like BUT whether we can set a delivery date without actually going into the local store. With only a short trip available to do a lot of other tasks we don't want to have to spend the best part of a day trekking round trying to organise something and then find they can't do it while we are there anyway. Has anyone been able to resolve this kind of problem in mountain areas like this and have a recommendation for which chain will do it at a reasonable price?


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I don't see a problem in fixing delivery in the mountains provided that you buy from a local branch of one of the large chains. If you know what you want, you can order from the branch by phone, which also brings you under the distance selling regulations. I don't think you would get the same service if you bought from their web site.

Personally, I would go to Darty, who are generally reliable and will install. They appear to have a branch in Annemasse.

I have had nothing but bad experiences dealing with internet only outlets.

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