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Inequality in prices


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Hi all,

Merry christmas to everyone who has time to read this over the festive period.

We are back in the UK for chrimbo, because of the rising prices in France before we left we started shopping at the Lidl. On our return to the UK we are finding the exact same products in the UK Lidl, (brands, packaging etc) at more than HALF the price of the French Lidl shops...............and they are exported from europe to the UK !!!!!!

How can this be justified ?

No wonder the French don't buy many luxury items.

Best whises Mel.
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[quote user="connolls"]No wonder the French don't buy many luxury items[/quote]Lidl - Luxury [:-))]

I don't think this will really come as too much of a surprise to many though and the reason is the same as for all consumer goods - prices are set at what the market will stand. I think you'll find the same items are even cheaper still in their home country of Germany.

Merry Christmas


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