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We bought a bench top cooker/grill 9 months ago(Rowenta and 270euro!


After using oven for40 minutes we started our meal and about 50minutes later heard a bang in the kitchen!

The glass door was broken and glass everywhere including door handle which was connected to a light piece of metal which was attached to the top of the glass with a handle.

Snowed in at the moment ,but what claim do I have ,assuming we have ot misued the equipment.?

My wife isvery careful and only 2 retired people at home.[:(]

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Hi we had a Whirlpool Glass Oven door explode earlier this year.  We bought the oven from Ikea, and were lucky to have their free extended warranty as the oven was about 18 months old.  Ikea contacted their contracted engineer and he replaced the glass in the door free of charge.

I was a bit disappointed that they didn't replace the whole door, but, touch wood so far so good.

Looking online there seems to be a great many instances of oven doors exploding and various makes too. 

I would contact the shop or supermarket where you bought the item and explain the problem.  Also keep hold of or take photos of the evidence.  Good luck.

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Some years ago we had gone to the Algarve for Christmas and hired an appartment.

Christmas day the good lady wifelet is cooking the Christmas dinner getting stressed and BANG the glass oven door exploded along with my wifelets sense of humour as she was showered with hot glass. She burst into tears.

I rose from my industrial strength gin & tonic, took my trusty Walkman multi-tool and thought for a minute, mixed an even stronger G&T - I then removed the metal panel at the back of the stove and managed to bodge it into the hole previously occupied by the glass.

We got our vegetable roulade and happiness was restored except the radio kept replaying Hancock climbing on the wing of an aeroplane. I have avoided Portugal ever since.

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[quote user="Ab"]We bought a bench top cooker/grill 9 months ago(Rowenta and 270euro!Snowed in at the moment ,but what claim do I have assuming we have ot misued the equipment.?


This happened to us a long time ago in a new house with a new oven and when we complained to the place we bought it from they duly sent us out a replacement glass and a bill. When I queried the bill they said that usually it was customer error in these situations in that a shelf would be in contact with the glass which would then shatter when the shelf became very hot. If we could prove otherwise then they would cancel the bill. As we were young and naive and couldn't prove anything we paid up.

If it were to happen today then I would at least argue. The final result would probably be the same but I would give it a try.

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