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Lidl W5 cleaning products


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I know that Quillan has often mentioned how good these are but  some of them are only on the shelves when they have a special promo on as at the moment, now is the time to try them out and if you like the product and the price to stock up.

I can make 3 recommendations:

The heavy duty hand cleaner (pâte lavante pur les mains) is simply the best that I have ever used and will be appreciated by any grease monkeys or bricoleurs amongst us. It leaves the hands moisturised and smelling nice.

The waterproofing spray (spray imperméabilisant) I have just used one to reproof a Gore -Tex jacket and it worked really well, I had only just (allegedly) reproofed it with a really expensive product bought in the UK that turned out to be a chocolate teapot, now it sheds water as it should.

Glass cleaner (mousse nettoyante pour les vitres), I decided to give this a try and it worked really, really well, perhaps there are other products out there that work equally well for the same price but to date I have been dissapointed.

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Well it is in the current promo which is nationwide I believe.

I did think it odd that all the promotional tat (W5 not being tat of course!) found its way onto the shelves on promo day but all the other shelves were virtually bare due to the cold conditions, perhaps it was panic buying and I will be the only found starved to death but well provisioned in cleaning products [;-)]

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