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I have a few old lamps which run on lamp oil but despite an exhaustive search of Carrefour/Casino/Castorama/Leroy Merlin I have not been able to find any.

I wonder if the literal translation into French does not work? Do any of you know what it might be known as and, better still, where I could get it?

I suppose the lamps could also work on parafin but I don't really want the smell of that in the house.



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Liquide lampe a petrole.

This is for sale at the moment in Bricomarche and Intermarche,  in plain 1l white plastic bottles (on the shelf near turps, white spirit, linseed oil etc in the same style of bottle).

Hope that helps.

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[quote user="cooperlola"] You might have more luck in the summer when most of the bricos sell it for garden lamps/torches etc.  I confess I've forgotten its name, but Clair will know....[/quote]

Huile de paraffine neutre pour lampe tempête, maybe? (example)

In summer, you should be able to find some perfumed with citronelle, said to repel mosquitoes.

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