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Could this happen anywhere else than in France?


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Prepared my shopping list and went off with OH in tow (to help carry the shopping to the car) to our local Lidl.  Had planned to get some extra stuff in:  yes, I know Christmas is boring but people are also likely to call on you unannounced, even more so than normal.

Got there and there was this whopping big sign:  closed from 5 Dec to Feb whatever!!!

In my Victor Meldrew moment, I really couldn't believe it.

Can you imagine any branch of a UK supermarket closing for travaux (OK refurb) all over the Christmas and New Year period?

French timing!  I don't understand or believe it.........

One more aspect of French life with which I shall NEVER get to grips [8-)][8-)][8-)]

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Hello S17

How frustrating for you, I was always baffled by closing little convenience stores at lunch time, when there were factories and offices all around them and restaurants on bank holidays, but you get used to it I guess.  Yours takes the biscuit though!


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Lidl is going through a huge programme of expanding the stores; some seem to have been able to do this without closing, others apparently not. However, if you keep you eyes open you might be able to get some bargains in the frozen food department before they close, particularly their frozen game which is excellent IMNVHO.
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In a similar vein, our Lidl's in Avranches shut for a month for a rebuild.  We had bought a clock just before they shut which was turned out to be defective.  When they re-opened after the work, we took the clock back.  They would not refund the money as we had gone over the 7 day period - despite the fact the shop was not open!

They sent the clock away to be repaired (recorded delivery which cost more than the clock).  We never got the clock back, nor the money, we just gave up!


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At least they closed for refurbishment. When our local Champion (now Carrefour) refurbished their store they stayed open and you just had to wend your way around freezers and shelf fixtures and goods lying about in boxes. Wires and tubes hanging from the ceiling and soldering etc going on above your head. The staff must have been going mad.

I stopped going for a while as I couldn't find anything. So which is best?

I do take your point though about the timing.

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Our youngest son has an allergy to eggs.  Neither the school nor the vaccination centre would risk giving him the H1N1 injection as its incubated in eggs. The local centre said we would have to go to the CHU Caen for the special injection ( 90 mins away).  We would need to ring to make an appointment.  The Doctor gave us the number.

Rang CHU using the number given, it was the wrong number.  Contacted Caen for the right number, rang it to find an anwser machine announcing that they were shut for the two week holiday period, but wished us all the best for the Christmas and New Year! 

Sadly non of our French frends were the least surprised.


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