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E-bay hiccups


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I am getting more and more problems using E-bay.fr, my account was set up initially in the UK and I could log onto and buy from Ebay.fr without any problem untill quite recently. I have shipping adresses in England and France set up.

I recently won something and the system would oly calculate the postage to England despite me resetting the delivery address to France, evenually the seller was able to reinvoice me with the correct delivery cost.

Tonight I sniped in a last second bid to a Parisian seller only to have a window coming up to tell me that my bid was blocked as I was registered in England and the seller would only post to France, which is where I wanted the delivery to come to.

If I had changed my default delivery address to France would this still have happened? And would I not have the same problems buying from England, or do I need to set up another account?

The other thing I have found that many brand name articles are blocked from viewing from my computer in France under anti-contrafaçon laws. If I borrow a computer whilst in the UK and search for phillips razor cutting heads I get 100's of results, when I do it from France I get only two or three, what is really frustrating is that there is a French seller of these whose goods can only be accessed on Ebay UK or Spain and ven then not from a computer in France.

Any suggestions wellcome

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I am even more confused now, I tried bidding on another article in France where once again like the item I was blocked from bidding on  the seller only lists delivery to France, (although I was unaware last time).

This time my bid has been accepted, but I dont particularly want to win the item [:(]

Can a seller perhaps request to block bids from other countries?

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