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Canisse (or cannisse)


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I have a wooden frame in the garden (if I wanted to impress people, I would call it a pergola) and I'm looking for something to cover the top, just for shade.  There seems to be some doubt about how to spell canisse but anyway I know it comes in different grades, e.g. roseau (cheaper) and osier (more expensive).  According to my dictionary, roseau is reed and osier is wicker or willow.  I've been told that the osier is more durable and probably a better investment.

I could get it at Gamm Vert but it seems expensive: around €65-70 for the osier in a 5m roll, 1.5m wide, i.e. roughly €9 per sq.m.  Does anyone know of a source that might be cheaper?

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Pierre ZFP we do the same with our reed stuff, before it gets put up again in the Spring we give it a coat of something to stop the mould and did this for about seven years before renewing it last year when we had left it on the pergola and the ravages of Winter more or less destroyed it.

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