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Florist in Geneva?


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Does anyone know one? I want to send flowers to a sick friend in Geneva, but I've spent ages on the internet trying to find one. I don't want one of the many companies which seem to be in Switzerland but deliver around the world. I just a local florist. I saw 3; one didn't seem to be trading, the other two didn't fit the bill - were hugely expensive. Thanks.
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Have you tried good old Yellow Pages?


101 results - here's one example:


Simple bouquets from 40CHF (30€) upwards plus 15CHF local delivery.

Some sites feature a nifty dropdown list of common delivery addresses such as local hospitals, clinics, etc.

I don't know how prices compare but this is Geneva......[;-)]


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Sunday Driver, you're a wonder! Having gone round in circles with googling florists I think I had mammoth senior half hours! Of course, pages jaunes is just what I need, so thanks a lot for the link; I'm sitting down to choose straight away. As for prices - as you say, it is Geneva! [:D]
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It was quite an amount of money, plus delivery charge, but my delighted friend emailed to say she'd received them and that they were really lovely. This morning another email came, with the names of most of the flowers, including sprigs of white and pink lilac, which I thought was rather early, that they'd had a good night [:)], and she loved them.

They were delivered a couple of hours after I phoned, and the delivery man phoned me to check the building entry code, as it wasn't working for him. It was the code I'd been given by my friend; anyway he obviously got in!

She's had a bad time over the last couple of years, and more recently, so it was lovely to be able to cheer her up with the flowers. [:D]  Hopefully my terrible memory will return to being more normal as time passes!

Thanks for your good wishes.

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