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Please can any one help me.

We are from England and I am looking to take out a subscription for the teenage magazine Jeune et Jolie for my daughter who will be starting her A levels in September. I thought I had found a company in England but they have now informed me that the magazine is no longer in print. Please when you go shopping in the next few days can you look out for it for me and let me know if you see one. Many thanks.

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J&J is indeed no more, and it has left quite a gap in the marketplace. There are plenty of magazines for the under-12s, and plenty of women's magazines on the shelves in France, but little or nothing in between. Thus it's rather surprising that J&J's publisher, Lagardère, pulled the plug on it and intends to launch something else, called 'Be', aimed at the 30-something market.

However, Marie-Claire seems to have seized the opportunity, and has recently launched 'Envy', a French weekly fashion and celebrity magazine said to be based on the English magazine 'Look'. While it's not specifically intended for the teen market in France, it looks as if it will appeal to the younger women. www.envy.fr

It's probably too new to be included in the magazine subscription listings (it was only launched last month). But a good place to buy subscriptions to French magazines from any overseas country is www.unipresse.com.

(I work in magazine publishing in case you are worried about a mere man who seems to know about women's magazines [:D]).

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