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Top Loading Tumble Dryers from Stock


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The only way I can fit a tumble dryer next to my washing machine in my rather small utility room here in the UK is to buy one of those narrow top loading ones. I used to have one when I lived in France and it was great.

The only way I can see of getting hold of one is to pop over for a few days and purchase it over there (I'm not bothered about guarantees etc.)

Are there any stores that hold stock of these that you can actually load into your car on purchase as opposed to having to have it delivered? Do the hypermarkets have them in stock to take away?

Any help would be most appreciated

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There is another option...

Have you thought of putting a full-sized tumbler drier on TOP of your washing machine ?    It does work very well, and there's also a shelf-type gadget which sits between the two.    This is placed on top of the washing machine, the tumble drier is then located on top of the 'shelf' - which is the same size as the washing machine, and seems to hold everything together nice and stable.

Works in our utility room and has freed up space for a second upright freezer.

You might also find that buying a normal full-sized tumble drier is cheaper in the UK, than buying a smaller version in France and having it shipped to UK - and you'd have the warranty as well !!


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