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coffee tables are just so passé


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Can't ever say I have seen a coffee table that makes my heart skip a beat.  However, OH is insistent that we get a really nice one....

What to do?  Best to indulge him, I suppose; bearing in mind that I have truly neglected him of late.

Anyone got any suggestions?  I've looked at M & S and all the usual places.

If I have to have one of these things, then I'd like to have one that I wouldn't mind putting a cup of coffee on.

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 We use an old pine box, the sort a housemaid would cart her possesions around in - the idea was that all the family pics would go in there, and as it has handles at each end if there was a fire we could grab it. Now its so full that we'd get a hernia...still it does the job!

 We went to John Lewis today and I have to say I rather like this one, but I'm into retro at present !


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if I were starting out furnishing a house again then I would definitely look at brocantes as I have seen some lovely handmade and unique pieces of furniture at silly prices. While I love IKEA stuff I have to say that you can see that in many people's homes, whereas a good piece of old furniture - built to last - can be irresistible.
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In rural poitou the pétrin often serves as a coffee table; in olden times placed by the fire over night for leavening of the pâte.

Strong enough to serve as a fireside seat and à la RH a useful space for magazines, etc.

An example of the genre: http://www.priceminister.com/image?action=slideshow&prdimageid=846114446&productid=74736863

Sorry some idiot has put modern turned feet on it, looks awful.

This one looks better and more authentic. http://www.antiqbrocdelatour.com/images/i_pet_4a_2_1.JPG

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Thank you for all your suggestions, guys.

Cathy, your links don't work but, please don't be offended, I don't think I want fish or a naked lady with the coffee!

RH, you are right, the retro table from JL looks very nice.

But, I adore the pétrin, Pacha.  Are they a specific dimension or is it only the shape that is traditional?  Useful to shuff all the "stuff" out of sight.

Perhaps that clever chap with the chainsaw will see this post and give me a devis?

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Hey, found a nice one that's just the right size on ebay.  Never bought anything from ebay before and not sure how to get it to our place.

Any advice?  Also, if it's not as shown or not suitable, does that mean you are stuck with it?

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E-bay.fr or UK?

Does it say anything about delivery, usually the seller will give a delivery price if  they can/will offer the service. Otherwise it will say collection only or remise en mains propre, - make sure you wash your hands [:P]

Most important of all what is their feedback rating over how many sales?

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[quote user="sweet 17"] JJ, that's ghastly! [/quote]

You're so right Sweet, Buick/Rover3.5 are so common; it must at least be a Ford 427ci or perhaps a Porsche 928 5.4 litre[:)] personally, I'm holding out for a Jag V12[:D]

rather interesting trunk model here  -ALUMINIUM-ENGINE-TRUNK-COFFEE-TABLE-MINT-1940 £2.3K

(regards e-bay, I try to view before bidding something I'm not sure about and never bid blind on less than 97.5% feedback, just try reading the negative feedback)

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There are several pétrins here Sweet and in your area



There are some very nice tables basses too


like this one


and this one, l'affaire de la semaine at 100 euros!  And just look at all the stuff you can put in it.   [:D]



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Thank you so much, Christine.

I'd no idea that pétrins abound all around the Charente.  I had visions of looking around for years to track down one of the "lesser-spotted" ones [:D]

Hm....some of them are quite scrumptious.  Can't have the glass-topped however:  you'd understand if you knew how untidy I am.  What, have all my mess on full display?  I think not, Christine![blink]


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Well, what do you know, the one I really, really want (sorry Spice Girls) happens to be miles away.  It looks right, is the right height, etc.

Lots of these pétrins are too high to be used as coffee tables.  So, what'll I do now?

Anyone got any idea how best to get a pétrin from near Narbonne to 17?  Don't mind paying something reasonable but not crazy.

Also, I shall need someone to have a look-see for me and "approve" the item?

Am I just being cheeky and hoping someone will come forward?  Yes, of course, but it IS an awful lot to ask and I shall now retire in some confusion.[8-)]


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Have now seen lots of these things on various sites.  They seem to be called maies as well.  Might get a couple as I love the shape.  But, still THE one to use as a coffee table is near Narbonne.

I'm definitely going around looking as I like the thought of having something utilitarian that can be recycled as a piece of furniture that remains utilitarian. 

If anybody spots one that looks good and does not cost an arm and a leg, can they please give me a tip off?

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