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Wood burning Stove


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They are very heavy so both of mine were delivered (at different times).  The delivery time can be long so you will be limited by what they have in the shops if you only are over in France for a short time.

I swear by my Supra wood burning stove that has a heat-induced fan at the back, driving the heat through a vent above the stove into the room.  I also have a Godin because everyone said what a good make it is but this emits smoke into the room very easily (it isn't sealed) and the window broke within months.

See various threads on this Forum, giving lots of advive about fitting them.  You will find that that there is a legal (and insurance) requirement in France to sweep the flue every year.


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We bought a Supra insert last year and have been very happy with it. It has a 2 speed fan. The low speed cuts in when the fire reaches a certain temperature and the higher speed works on the rocker switch. Look for the "Flamme Vert" sticker on any appliance like this and it qualifies for a tax refund on your tax return. It has the added advantage that you can direct heat to other rooms.
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[quote user="cooperlola"]There are also tax rebates available if the thing is bought from and  installed by a French aritisan, I believe...[/quote]Somewhere else someone claimed that you could get 50% of the entire cost back which frankly I still found hard to accept.

I think THIS thread is closer to the truth.

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Wood stoves are not all terribly heavy, I bought a Jotul at a car boot for 100 euros.

Jotuls are one of the best stoves available and bolt together so can easily be stripped cleaned and reassembled.

You can also buy new parts easily.

This Jotul can be lifted by two adults and is 9 kilowatt.

Check out your local Trocs bargains can be found.

But do some research first do not buy a bigger woodburner than necessary and if you want a fire that will burn slowly all night check that it will.

I also have a Godin and a Supra but the Jotul is by far the best and most efficient.

PS Get the bought ASAP to dry out.
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