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What do you use for cleaning tiled floors?


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The expert ladies who clean my floor (no not scrubbers as I hear wooly chuckling) use a detachable cloth on a frame support.

They soak the cloth in a bucket of hot water and the typical Lidl floor cleaning product, wring it out so it is just moist, and then apply it, leaving it to dry...

One version can be seen here:


but there are various sorts of support.

The separate cloth allows re soaking and a good wringing out of the cloth, rather than smearing dirty water around

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Finished doing the floors just now. I use ecloth mops on my white tiled floor in France (not much mud to clear up there!) and on my 'slate' tiled kitchen floor, thermoplastic tiled utility room floor (which gets any mud from the garden)and wood laminate bathroom floor in UK. I have one of those buckets with insert which squeezes most of the water out and the floors are almost ready to walk on. No need to take a tea/coffee break while they dry, but I do anyway!  [:)]

I used to use a Vileda mop as shown in previous post.

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[quote user="idun"]NH that is what I used to use, but the bristles on the brush attached to the serpillere, so I didn't have to attach it to anything.[/quote]

Thanks for all replies, we've got underfloor heating so when I mop the floor it dries within seconds, just thought there may be a product that would clean and leave a sheen. What is a serpillere (sorry haven't unpacked all our boxes yet so can't find my dictionary to translate)
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Well there are products at the supermarket that say that they leave a sheen. And I have bought them and used them to be honest and they seem to look shabby quickly, or maybe that is just me not being a dedicated 'housewife'.

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A French friend recommended a produit called Car-o-lin to me for cleaning my tiled floors.   So that's what I put in the bucket when I get my Vileda mop out. 

I think it has a trace of linseed oil in it (hence the "lin"), but you don't have to wash it off or anything.  Seems to do the job.


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Just to update my original post, I bought some Carolin, a raclette and a floor cloth - my conclusion what a hard way to clean a floor!

I've gone back to using a mop and bucket with the Carolin and found it is best to change the water several times. I should be an advert for Carolin with the amount I'll be going through.

I also have a steamer but didn't really find it much good.

Today I've bought a rubber broom head which has a raclette type side, I'll give that a go next time. Thanks to all replies.
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