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I am now persuaded (or have persuaded myself [:$]) that one of these gadgets is indeed necessary for a happy existence.

Yes, I know I have been bringing this subject up at regular intervals.  But, what has really nudged me to nearly take action this time is that there is  such an appareil in Lidl on promo for 90 euros.

It's their own "brand" Silver Crest so chances are the quality and efficiency will be good.

Just before I rush out and acquire one, does anyone out there possess one of these Lidl steamers and can definitely recommend them?



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I have a Polti, I don't use it all the time, but I like it when I do.

When in France I saved up and bought the most expensive Polti that they did and sent it back, for the price it was nothing exceptional and I felt disappointed and almost conned. So now I have one that cost around £90 and it is great. For the price, it does just what I want it too.

Never fancied buying one of the other makes. I suppose because if I need any spares, I would probably be able to get them from Polti.

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It looks almost exactly like a Karcher. Including the bits and bobs. So is almost certainly a Karcher in disguise. You can buy the Karcher from Amazon Fr at 98.99. So Lidls version saves you a some €.

rgds JFB

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