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Playing euromillions with FDJ.fr


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OK so I am very confused.   I signed up last week to try and play last Friday but was getting an error message so gave up.

Anyway I've had the confirmation emails including the one that tells me I will receive a pin number by post (I thought this was to claim any winnings gained???).

Over the weekend I clicked for my numbers for tomorrow euromillions and again was getting a message which I didn't quite understand but assumed it said I couldn't yet play.

Today I note that 5 euros has been taken from our bank account so does this mean my numbers were accepted?   The only thing is that I did two lines, which should have amounted to 4 euros so not sure why 5 was taken.   I did click only for 1 week on Tuesday's game so hopefully if all I've lost is 5 euros it isn't a great loss.

Think I won't take any chances and go and play the old fashioned way for tomorrow, just in case.

Does anyone else play online with FDJ?   If so could they be kind enough to explain how it all works.

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Its some years since I first signed up, so I can't remember exactly how the process worked. I think though that it was simply a case of specifying a user name + password and then giving bank details from which the minimum of €20 is taken. Then you're away.

I too just do a couple of lines on the Euromillions each Friday and it works fine. Any 'winnings' are automatically credited to your a/c and you receive a confirmatory email.

I find it useful because the machine at the local tabac is often on the blink and doing it from home is more reliable. 

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