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Hi, What are everyones favourite online home furnishings and clothes stores, etc? We ask this because we are unsure of exactly what to bring with us to France when we move. How does the price and quality differ from the UK? Is it more advisabke that we just bring everything over with us and save the hassle and time?

Thank you in advance
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I have no idea about UK prices as do not visit but I would suggest you buy electrical items here due to guarantee and breakdown problems if found to be bought out of France. When I want something for the house I just go to IKEA locally but independent furniture stores in France are hugely expensive and personally I do not really want to spend thousands on furniture that I might dislike in a few years time and can cheaply change for something else rather than feel guilty at expense and having to keep it forever.

Clothes here are fine but I think you will find most everything is more expensive in France anyway these days but depends on where you derive your income from. I cannot compare UK prices because I have french income but there is a New Look store in the city with prices marked in sterling but I still can't compare. Don't forget that wages here are lower takehome because of the many deductions made at source for health,retirement and illness so people don't buy like the brits and credit is very hard to obtain without all the usual paper proof and the previous Avis d'Imposition to back it up.

You may find it cheaper to bring a vehicle from the UK but don't forget the cost to re-register and conform by the necessary paperwork required from the manufacturer etc. I have bought many nice clothes in various supermarkets here and in Decathlon too but quality shoes are expensive and I buy online when I can for my Kickers as they are my favourite make and I have five different pairs which I got on average €30 cheaper than in the proper shoe shops and Printemps.Marks and Spencer france deliver here for €4,50 and possibly other UK retailers. UK food is not something I buy unless I see it on offer in Super U but what they have items on sale for, my daughter can bring at less than half the price e.g. €1,26 for a single large tin of Heinz baked beans

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I use M&S (now on a French based website in euros, fairly converted) and Lands End for clothes. As a larger,tall lady French shops really dont cater for me! I have never found a pit of trousers long enough anywhere at any price.

I agree that if you need new electrical goods get them here, for the service and guarantee. But if you like the furniture you have in the UK now, bring it with you. It will cost a lot more here and most furniture on sale in mainstream shops is (IMHO) frankly horrible. If you like antiques forget all those holiday shows that suggest you can pick up a bargain in depots ventes and brocantes. The French have a very inflated idea of what their old tat is worth!

I envy those living near an IKEA here. We are a 3 hour drive away.
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I have just been to France and had a good look at lots of things. Kiabi women's clothes were a great disappointment to me, seemed expensive and flimsily made......... just my impression. In fact most clothes seemed expensive.

What I would say is take what you really like OR is very useful to you. For me a must would be to take all your cutlery, glasses, crockery and cooking things and baking things. I never imagined how much I would need. Since we returned to England the only thing I have had to buy is more crockery as people just will not keep their knives and forks for a whole meal, and I cannot always get them to keep the same plate either. Just so different.

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