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I find that doing online shopping is like dealing with the devil... You can rely on his help but if you turn your back you will get screwed.

My favorites to mind are cdiscount and vistaprint.

I just got some amazing deals but I am always wary that they are all in it to rip you off...

I should mention that I really do like their tom and jerry antiks... but if you get stung you need to be able to take it too.

My adivce is:-

Never think you have got a good deal, just try not to get a bad deal.

Be prepared to be screwed by getting an already good deal in the first place.

Know your enemy using google.

When you are happy with your deal, dont go for the attempts to add to your basket.

Dont rely on the bonus you are getting with your life as you might not get it.

Dont buy something you dont need.

At the end of the day it is only a game and there are winners and losers.

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Cannot pass up the chance to join in on this, if its allowed! Cdiscount, great when they work. I am currently trying to take them to the courts through my Juridique Protection Insurance. Even they said that getting your money out of them is tough. The other group I would never touch again is Gross Bill. It cost me more to phone their "help" line than the defective goods were worth.

Amazon are great (so far!)
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Amazon   too efficient for their own good ....  requested an Amazon  Voucher in gift box 7th Dec  promised 24 hour delivery.... Did not show by post up so after a week reported not delivered ... They  sent out by courier another that arrived following day..This was gift wrapped and given as a Xmas present . ..The postman eventually delivered the 7th of Dec one .. Informed Amazon who emailed a returns label  and had a courier collect .  After Xmas  daughter phones   "  I have tried to spend your voucher and they tell me its not valid as the money was returned to the purchaser "   Good job it was  a gift within  the family .

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Believe it or not - Wallpaper Direct! Went doolally trying to find wallpaper for bedrooms. Tried usual suspects in France, so googled and found this place! Has nearly all known companies, at good prices. Charged just £5.00 delivery and received it within a week.Ended up cheaper than buying in France - and Crown paper at that. You can also change your costs to euros if needed. Laura Ashley will also send their wallpaper over here!

Also New Look - again ordered dress, here within 5 days, and could pay in euros. Apparently they have stores all over Europe. A large selection, great for us living in rural areas.

However now M&S will no longer let us purchase from the Uk site to have delivered to France, so they have lost a customer, will only let you purchase from French site - but useless if paying in pounds, 'cos you can't do that. Being tall, I need to know I can get clothes the right size, have yet to find any local shops selling clothes for my age group and height.

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Woolovers are great . either the UK £ site or the € French one. Great deals, frequent special offers, one postage cost even if the send things individually and excellent quality for not much more that you'd pay for market tat.
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Marks and Spencer ... yes I know you can only order from their FR site and people have said you can't find the same stuff, but if you go to the UK site and find what you're looking for, then just copy the product code into the 'search' function on the FR site, then it comes up. Ordered three days ago, arrived by courier yesterday ... free delivery (at the moment). Can't fault it.
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