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[quote user="mint"]uh huh?  I don't get it but perhaps that is just as well, methinks[blink]



The opposite of heavy.

Some ladies 'd'un certain age' complain of les jambes lourdes (heavy legs, a complaint I have never come across in the UK)

but other 'ladies' have les cuisses légères which brings us back full circle to 'light' or  ....Levity.

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I have never heard any of my copines complain of les jambes lourdes.

But then they are all gym attenders and walkers.

And, Wools, I promise you wouldn't be interested in the heaviness or otherwise of their thighs.  And I advise you not to look too closely at other parts of their anatomy either.  En masse, they are perfectly capable of frightening the horses!

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I've always wondered what it entailed to have heavy legs. I would almost go so far as to say I'd be interested in being diagnosed with them, just to know once and for all what they were.

It's like having a crise de foie. A French friend staying with me in England asked me what the English would take for a crise de foie, and I told her we didn't have them, so we didn't have any handy remedies.

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A friend of mine in France, a slender lady and who does exercise, suffers with heavy legs. I remember my doctor in France asking me if I got them and by the look of them, then maybe that should be the case, but I don't.

And I have been asked the same question by my Dr in the UK too.

So why does anyone need Andrews, or some such thing anyway, what's it for?

And crise de foie, I asked my french GP about it, exactly what it was and he said that the liver enlarged when someone had over indulged, I don't know, maybe that that is what happens. I know that if I over eat I can feel a little sick, has my liver enlarged? that I do not know.

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