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Well done Intermarche


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Yes, they have been advertising for a while now on TV.

By the way, there is a big prize for the rudest vegetable, the one most like Mrs. Trierweiler, the one most like Mr Hollande (though that may have to be banned as it is not allowed to denigrate the office of President) and the one most like Sarkozy.
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 Out of date fruit, would they know at Intermarché? A serious question, as there have been many times when I had to draw the staff's attention to stuff that was well out of date. Plus all their problems with 'bleached' meat in some stores, which I hope has been resolved.

Ugly stuff, fair enough, although mis-shapen patates are really hard to peel. For the rest I'm OK with it them being mis-shapen. And some of it is funny and some is certainly rude looking. As the rottweiler was mentioned, wasn't she in the papers the other day for a cat fight... ?

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Waitrose had a scheme for selling these less than perfect fruit and vedg abut eight years ago. It didn't seem to last for very long.


And strangely enough they have recently been relaunching the same kind of thing


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What is disturbing is that it's the supermarkets who caused the waste in the first place by refusing to buy any fruit or vegetables which didn't conform to their rigorous size and shape criteria, and now people are applauding them for buying and selling stuff that was only ever wasted in the first place because they conditioned consumers not to want it.

Go figure.
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How very true.

Mind you even at the markets the disfigured fruit and veg is the last to be chosen and is normally sold off cheap at the end of the day when I go to the arab market.

If unsold it is left for the glaneurs and the SDF's, it is really heartening to see that the piles of refuse are 99% picked clean, the wooden baskets are especially prized by those with woodburners for kindling, the municipal agents have little left to collect, in a short time everything is gone and the surfaces hosed down, you would never know that there had been a market there yet one hour before it looked like a fly tip site.

Whereas in consumerland the disfigured are discarded, the perfect travel up to half way around the planet before getting on the shelves, then half of that is thrown away, and half again of what is sold is subsequently thrown away by the consumer.

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