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Mrs Trellis

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I booked a supermarket delivery slot for November with a company that brings stuff over from UK. They have just announced they will no longer deliver to Cahors (about 25 miles away) and the only option is to collect from miles away - about a 5 hour round trip.

I'm disappointed as was hoping to have some goodies for Christmas. I was in contact with them a week ago and they were still saying all was well. A bit annoying - they could at least have contacted the Cahors customers to say the service would stop if they don't get more orders.

I believe there are other companies that do a similar service but cannot bring any frozen items.

Ah well..... please don't tell me I don't need stuff from UK! We just fancied some things we can't get here.

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Have you not got any Comptoir Irlandaise near you? Friends of ours and we too,  buy quite a few treats from them, just calling in was a bit of a gamble, and so some of the stuff was ordered, and the one nearest to us, used to call  when the items was due in, including frozen stuff. The CI was still some distance away from all of us, but certainly driving distance and not 5 hours away.

These treats are all at a price, there again, pregnant and in Geneva in 1981, I saw a tin of Heinz beans that cost a £1 and bought it, because sometimes one just has to.

I ended up making most of the stuff we missed, sometimes recipes I had in books never hit the mark and I played and played with these recipes until we got something really good, so I made sausages and proper pork pies, lemon curd, sweet mince and stuffing. Other things, well, I never tried, so when we could get such things they were a real treat. There was little else we ever needed really.


ps if you are having a Paris trip near christmas, then M&S now have food departments so you could get frozen stuff from them. They do a livraison service too, I reckon the they will send most basic stuff (not frozen) to most parts of France, to a point relais.

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Don't know if its any help but - we're in UK en route to New Zealand. We'll be returning to France on 23 November. I can't help with frozen items but am happy to help otherwise with any things you want. The only thing is we could arrange to meet in Villeneuve sur Lot to pass on your goods. Of course this may not be convenient for you. If it is any help please let me know before this coming Tuesday when we leave France. we've been fortunate enough to find a forum member who is doing is a huge favour while we're away and if I can help anyone else in return then I'm happy to do so.
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