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Problems with mini heat pump from Brico depot


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9 months ago we purchased an Airton inverter heat pump from Brico Depot.

Have not used it much, as have wood burning stove but it worked O.K. until today. Have phoned their helpline 12 times but after a short time they say " an operator is not available" and they ring off. Their forum is currently not in operation.

Maybe somebody out there can help me.

The problem is as follows :

Using the remote we choose "heating " mode and when we set the Temp. it flashes a couple of times on the machine and then displays "FA" and nothing happens.

We assume "FA" means FAN but to us it currently means something rude !

We have changed batteries in remote but same thing happens.

When we put it in "FAN " mode.....it works.....hence electrical connections are O.K but we want heating, NOT a fan.

Any advice appreciated

(The external unit looks o.k).
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It is possible that "FA" simply means "fault", which I know is not very helpful. The instruction manual might help, if you have or can download one, but most of these would be more useful hung on a nail in the outside loo.

Most of the domestic units I have looked at have not had particularly sophisticated control systems, and faults detected are likely to be anomolous temperature readings from sensors, which are quite often the result of broken or loose connections in the control wiring between the outside and indoor units..

It might be worth checking the integrity of the connections and the continuity of the control wiring - with the supply power turned off!!

The control wiring is usually smaller gauge than the power wiring, and often connected via multi-pin plugs and sockets similar to those used on car wiring, while the power wiring is usually connected by screw terminals. The power connections are also usually marked L1, N, COMP, FAN, RV (reversing valve).

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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