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Just a thought.....and this may be met with howls of outrage about spending locally etc. (which of course I do most of the time).

The exchange rate at the moment means that purchasing from UK is better value than it has been for years. For example I recently bought a juicer from a UK company for significantly less than I would have paid in France. It arrived within 48 hours, with the correct plug for France and I am delighted. Globalisation may have taken a backward step with Brexit, but for large and/or expensive items, it pays to shop around!
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I does pay to shop around - and I have found that some prices in France are extremely advantageous for large items as compared to Treasure Island (UK).

A log splitter I bought from the french branch of a german company (DEMA) was just over £400 including 3 day delivery, for an item weighing over 100 kg - a comparable english machine is around £700 and then they won't deliver to France.
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