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Finding British Beer in France


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Congratulations! wishing you success.

I've just seen this thread. I expect you've got your own supplier now, but someone we know has an english food stall in some of the Gers markets and sells a few beers. She's supplied by someone who goes over with a lorry every month.

I can pm you with her business details if relevant - she has a website.

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Thanks for your post - we've just had a fantastic opening day!

I wonder if your friend might find it more advantageous to buy from me - my primary market is resellers.

Alternatively, it may be useful to have another transport option, so her details would be appreciated.

Thanks again!!
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We were in a Devises having lunch in a Wadworth pub, within site of the brewery. We got in conversation with the couple sitting at the same table. In fact they asked if we would like to share the table as there were no others available.

It turned out that they live up in the Pyrenees about an hour from Perpignon !! He has been brewing English beer, IPA being one, since they have lived there and he sells it mainly to the French locals. He also brews his own cider. Coincidence or what!!

If I have got it correct then this is their web site.

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