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Braggs Apple cider vinegar with "the mother"


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I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this, bought this in France and if so we're there any health benefits?

I've been reading about the benefits of this and some friends around the world recommend it, if you Google it it really does sound gross.

However, for many health reasons I will give anything a go, if it helps but apart from our local Carrefour and their own apple cider vinegar, which doesn't have "the mother" Im not sure if it's possible to buy here.
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I cannot help with the product, nor whether it has any proven benefits (though I know some claim it does), but you can actually make your own. Google (other search engines are available) "vinegar plant". This should show you how to convert alcohol (often wine dregs from glasses or the end of a bottle) to vinegar. You could use cider to get the same effect (or not) as the product you describe.
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Mogs - I swear by this stuff to deal with digestive problems and also to alleviate arthritic symptoms. A couple of tablespoons in a half glass of water about 30 mins before main meal. Add a little honey if you find the taste too gross. Also aids if you have constipation! However I never bother with Braggs I simply use Amora from the supermarket.

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