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I'm looking to replace the wheels on my garden trailer, the kind of light trailer you pull behind a tractor type lawn mower. The problem with the ones on there is that they keep getting punctured so want to replace with the solid type tyres. Sizes are 16"  4.8/4.00-8 tyres with 20mm axel.

I can buy on ebay UK but not France. Even new inner tubes on eBay.fr come from the UK with silly postage.

So question is does anyone know where I can buy here at a reasonable price?

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Found two wheels that are the right size BUT they don't specify the axel diameter even though others have asked, very odd.

I have found wheels in UK at a good price but they will not post over here so I have bought yet another inner tube and will order 2 wheels from the UK next time we are over there or if friends come to visit.

Thanks for your help cajal

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