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If you need to porte plainte and live in 17, 31, 67, 75, 78 or 92...


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...whoopee, you can now do it online!


Hope I'm not late to the party with this info, but I stumbled over it whilst looking for something else. It looks as though you can fill in a pre-plainte online if  you have a theft or break-in, and then select a local Gendarmerie to go in and sign a hard copy.

I hope no-one ever needs to test if this works, but it might save a few fruitless expeditions to Gendarmeries which are closed unless there is an "r" in the month or it's a leap year...

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It's a pity it doesn't apply here.

A near neighbour (she used to live opposite, but moved a few streets away because the next door appartment was burnt out by a drug dealer who hadn't been paid) was attacked in her bed on Saturday night, sustaining 4 fractured ribs, two nasty black eyes and cuts and contusions, all for a few pieces of costume jewellery.

Nobody could imagine that she is rich, as she ekes out a living  as a femme de ménage and lives in a tiny studio, but she made the mistake of making it look nice with some flowers on the balcony, which of course were turned over and the pots smashed by the burglers..

I know this to be true as I met and spoke to her on Sunday, but it is the sort of story which explains the rise of the FN in this part of the world.

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