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When is a house not a house?


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Or perhaps the thread title should be 'When is a house not a home (in the legal sense)?'

Hello all,

I was wondering... My Dad's cottage in France has a former dwelling house on the land that is no longer lived in and has somehow been downgraded for tax purposes. It is in a state of ruin and the zoning regulations forbid its restoration to be put back as a dwelling house. He is interested in repairing the building, on a mostly like-for-like basis, just to use as a sort of 'big shed' because the front of the house is quite attractive and he doesn't want to lose it to nature. Since he doesn't intend to live in it, and would not need a CU, would there be anything stopping him from repairing the building?

And my real question is: at what point does a building become a home, legally? Is it when there is a bedroom or bed? Is it when it has a toilet? In this case, I think the former house is actually on a separate plot of land on the cadstral plan.

Any ideas?

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