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Water flooding from neighbour's path.


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Hello, and thanks for reading this post:

Our old house in 56 adjourns another house by way of a concrete pathway which is owned by our neighbour (the other house).

The path is actually attached to the wall of our house and is badly cracked with distinct holes in it.

Our neighbours' gutter for the entire back half of their roof drains via a single downpipe which empties directly onto the cracked pathway and subsequently drains down into what will be our pantry, flooding it when the rainfall is high.

At present the 'pantry' floor is just soil but we are going to concrete it shortly.

I'm concerned that a DPM and concrete floor won't keep the flood water out.

Our neighbough (English) is selling his house and has shown no inclination to repair the path which causes the flooding despite our pointing out the problem to him.

I want to try and resolve the issue amicably and without rancour - does anyone know the relevant laws/regulations regarding flooding caused by someone elses property?

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Our gutter used to discharge onto a neighbours tin roof (out building) and when a similar situation (selling) I was asked if I could modify the guttering. It was altered in a few hours which is a lot quicker than even arguing over it but that's me. Others just aren't as helpful even when they are in the wrong.
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Contact your insurance company about it and see if you have legal cover with your policy.


Then I'd send them a letter requesting them to fix their guttering and enclose a copy of the law, and I'd send it recommandé avec accuse de reception.

AND keep copies of every last thing, including the envelopes of any letters they send to you. They may be english, but send it in french and you could I suppose, put a translation on the back of the letter.

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