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Trying to recover an overpayment

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A friend bought a load of stuff from one of the supermarkets in Lourdes. She used her card but the shop said it had been denied. She phoned her bank (in Ireland) there are then and they said the payment was pending. The shop manager had a real stroppy fit and said the card had been denied and if she wanted the stuff she would have to pay another way...i.e. cash, around 200€ ... so she paid up. Another hour of someone's life ruined by crap service.

She's checked her bank account now she is back home and the amount has been debited.

She has the original receipt and the names of the two shop assistants.

What are the chances of getting the money back...and where does she start?

If it was me I would have had them cancel the payment, irrespective of whether the payment had gone through, and got the credit slip. Unfortunately, she was on her own, and doesn't speak French very well.  The cynic in me thinks someone's trousered 200€

cheers for any advice

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My UK MasterCard occasionally fails in France (usually due to poor PoS terminal maintenance or flaky phone connections) but I have  a CA card as a backup.  Whenever the MasterCard fails the merchant gives me a "transaction failed" or "declined" printout.  I always keep these slips but so far I've never had a problem with being unexpectedly billed by the card company.  If your friend was not given such a slip it begins to sound like doubtful practice by the merchant but the card company should refund the charge if proof of an alternative payment method is to hand.
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