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Bring my foreign gf in france


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Hello, I'm a french student (born and raised in France), almost 19, and I currently live in the north

I didnt know where to post it so sorry if i'm wrong

I've studied 1 year at the university and I'm planning on studying something else next year but that's not the point actually, I have a foreign girlfriend for now almost 2 years, she lives in asia and we've met sometimes and it's serious

The problem is that she has no freedom with her parents, they choose what she'll study about, at which university, they want her to be the best and they kind of control her life, she is 19 and she would like to go abroad,see new things and leave her family for a while, and since my goal is to get her the french nationality, it would be pretty nice if i could bring her to France and marry her directly to rush it so she'd get the nationality earlier

As for the studies, next year I would like to go away from home and study in the south would be so cool, I'm a scholarship holder and i'd get some money from the CAF if i rent an accomodation, plus i work during vacations. With all of that i think i could get by all alone so that's not the problem

Now i had an idea, I want to bring her to france, marry her and let her live with me with a spouse visa. I'll let and help her learn french during my bachelor (3 years) in france, and she'll take french courses here, after my bachelor she'll normally have enough french skills to get a french degree so i'll let her study here while i'll be working to make some money for the future. After all of that she could get the french nationality coz she'll have lived 3 years with me and been married 4 years

So my question is about the spouse visa and the mariage. I'm a student which means I don't have a lot of money but i think enough to do what i want, will it be a problem to obtain a spouse visa in this situation?

Also, i have heard that the tourism visa for france is really boring to get because you gotta prove that you have a lot of money and blablabla, so I wonder what the best way to marry her is

Do you guys think it'll be possible? thanks

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Your are obviously in love, but do not dive in you admit you have made a bad choice in studies and wasted a year What if the marriage does not work

I suggest you talk to her embassy or your own French embassy for details

Your English is very good
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I'm a bit confused about why you have come here to ask your question - in English - from a bunch of (mainly) British people who are allowed to live and work in France without the need for any visa.

Wouldn't it be a lot easier to ask the French immigration authorities in your own language?

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thanks, but the wasted year was completely my fault, i was just not interested in what i was doing ^^

And if the mariage doesn't work and nothing works between her and me, I'll just let her go back to her country or we also could find some middle ground, but an important point that I forgot to raise is that my studies and she are two different things, which means our separation probably wouldn't have an impact on my studies.

And i came to ask this here because i called them and they told me they didn't know and then directly hang up, I tried to post on a french forum but no one is able to answer me lol and they all reproach me for wanting to control her life and all, so I think i would probably get better answers from people who have been through a mariage with a french, and/or spouse visa and that kind of thing, at least i could read and learn from other's experiences and i think it's better ^^

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You're very young, aren't you.

You want everything and you want it now, and when you've tried it, as often as not you change your mind and want something else. Marrying an Asian girl seems like a bit of a novelty, going to the south of France seems like a bit of a novelty, changing course in your studies well why not. Sorry, but you can't live like that for ever. You need to identify the line where having harmless fun turns into acting irresponsible and screwing up your own/other people's lives.

If you're really serious, the way to make this work is not by rushing at it, upsetting her parents, risking leaving the poor girl adrift in a foreign culture with a failed marriage behind her by the time she's 20, and what if you have a child between you?

But I don't think you are remotely serious. You've already decided that your separation wouldn't have an impact on your studies (that's how devastated you would be) but do you understand how the whole episode would be viewed by her own culture?

In practical terms, I believe that in order to get a spouse visa you'd have to show that you earned enough money to keep you both, which hopefully you will be unlikely to do.

Sorry not to be more encouraging but I think you need to consider that marriage brings responsibilities with it, both legal and moral, and is best left for grown-ups.
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You are very young to be doing this.

You should go along to your Tribunal d'Instance and ask them. Whether you are going to or not, just tell them that you are going to marry her and how and when can she come and live in France with you her husband.  No point in saying that you might marry her, because then you will get excuses.

Still I would say, don't do anything. She may not be studying what she wants to study, but for me her education is still very valuable and should not be interupted. The only problem I could foresee is that her parents would find a husband for her, and if they did and that was not what she wanted then she will have to say she loves you and is going to marry you. Maybe she does love you, maybe she doesn't. IF she doesn't love you then do not marry her just to be her knight in shining armour.

I am surprised that you have not got any help from anywhere else. Lots of french people marry people from non EU countries and these people move to France with their spouse.

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Obvious Troll is obvious.

No French person asks a brit expat forum for affairs relating to French administration - especially affairs that 99% of members will not encounter.

Oh and the written English is not even remotely close to what a 19 year old French person would use.

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A VERY cursory scan of the French government web pages reveals the following:






I believe that all the official answers to your questions are contained in the above pages. If I can do that, why didn't you?

It appears that your prospective wife hasn't lived in France, doesn't speak French (note the requirements re integration contained above) and seems to come from an utterly different culture. What makes you think that she will EVER settle in France?

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dave21478 said

Obvious Troll is obvious.

No French person asks a brit expat forum for affairs relating to French administration - especially affairs that 99% of members will not encounter.

Oh and the written English is not even remotely close to what a 19 year old French person would use

I disagree

Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4

He has not upset anyone OK he is young but caused no offence How do you know 99%of posters have never been in a similar position

If his parent/parents were English I would have expected a knowledge of two languages I think you are being rather harsh There is no need to reply if you think he is a fake
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Many teenagers now can barely write coherently in their own language, never mind a second one, and those who are smart enough to be able to do so are more than smart enough to be able to search online for answers to their problem, finding actual facts not just a bunch of online opinions and ramblings.

If I had questions about UK immigration, or the DVLA or UK tax, the last place I would look for answers would be a forum used by people not native to the UK.

This is very obviously some bored forum member on a wind-up.
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Possibly but I took him to be the son of expats.

Reasons - he says 'I was born and raised in France' not 'I am French'

His English is too good for an average French kid who's learnt it at school, but has enough of the mistakes that French people make to suggest that he uses French at least half the time -' what she'll study about', 'get some money from THE caf', 'as for THE studies', 'my bachelor', 'mariage', 'I think enough to do what i want', and the clincher for me was 'boring' - no English person uses boring that way.

Anyway he seems to have gone.

A very subtle troll, if a troll.
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Over the years I helped quite a lot of french people I know sort things

out. They simply did not know where to start with getting help or

information when they needed it and our Mairie could be useless. In fact

on a couple of occasions I have taken information into the Mairie.


with the internet, one should not need help with anything, but that

frankly goes for this board too, because every last bit of information

is more than easily available these days. As Pickles showed, just a few clicks away.

And so, I shall not

criticise this lad, because, that urgency he has about the way he

writes, feels like the stuff my sons' used to come out with (and if

memory serves, my own thinking, when I was but a girl), when everything

had to be done in some way 'instantly' and perceived wrongs righted

immediately, without the maturity of thinking things through and judging

all possible consequences.

Troll, maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but it did not surprise me that he was asking.

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