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Gardening in the limousin


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I wonder if anyone can help.  This is my first posting since moving here.

Does anyone know of any gardening clubs or similar in the limoges region.  We live in small hamlet and its quite difficult to meet people and we would love to meet like minded people who are into their gardens as we are.



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Delbart have a loyalty card scheme, and if you get enough points you can go on a day trip to their nurseries (I'm going with my (french) neighbour soon!)

We go for days out - she won't drive on the autoroute so I take us to Delbart and we have lunch at the Les Routiers up the road.

We now go on coach trips together too - look up Limoges Excursions for one operator, and the other we use I can't remember the name of but it's also based in Limoges. I'm always the only English person on the coach and we have superb days out very cheaply! Not necessarily on gardening themes, but that's where we started :)

Checkout http://www.87130.net for a self-sufficiency forum which has a gardening section.
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I like the idea of a gardening club - maybe you could start one?  Otherwise we'd be more than happy to meet up and talk gardens, etc.  We are in a watch this space situation too - have been unable to do anything much with the garden whilst the house is being renovated.  Hope to start planting soon though.  We are near St Leonard de Noblat - 30 mins from St Dizier Leyrenne.
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If you ask at your Mairie they may have a list of local clubs and associations.  Our commune of about 1000 people has 40 clubs etc - there's a walking club that meets every Sunday, Jude goes to the school gym for keep-fit every Tuesday, there's a gardening club, a brass band, a choir, judo, Scrabble, etc.  We had no idea all this was going on until we got a leaflet pushed in our letterbox.

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We're just down the road from you Julie.

No prob HF, I often take down trees for folk in return for the timber, so long as there's no risk involved as I haven't bothered registering here for forestry or tree surgery hence I'm not insured, so straighforward felling only!

Betcha went for the knitting club Cass?

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wwe have been in a club for 3 years in jumilhac le grand -about 10 minutes from st.yrieix la perche .

it meets monthly second wednesday at 8.30. and we visit other members gardens and have a pepiniere (dutch) who is our advisor and occasionally gives a talk and we can have it translated into also english and french.

we have other meetings to show how to make cider etc. and are 20+ members.

please e-mail if you want further details.

we pay a small subscription in january  and have a yearly fair to swop plants and tools.

we have french dutch and english members -and they even allowed a Geordie in(thats us) and wife has done flower arrangements and talks on preservation of  dried flowers and leaves.

I just dig as i am useless at gardening -probably like most men.

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