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Being photographed?


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Has anyone any idea as to the legal position of a bad neighbour taking photos of us or our neighbour without any permission please?

This happened when our friend/neighbour left our garden, joined her servitude/access to go back to her home. She was photographed by the bad neighbour as she left.

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I think it is more a question of the use made of the photograph than the act of taking it which is regulated....

Le consentement d'une personne à être photographiée est différent de son autorisation à diffuser l'image.


Attention :

même dans un lieu public, si une personne apparaît de manière isolée

et est reconnaissable du fait du cadrage de l'image, une autorisation de

diffusion de l'image est nécessaire.


santé, la vie sentimentale, familiale, le domicile, les revenus, les

convictions religieuses, politiques, etc. constituent des éléments de la

vie privée de toute personne. Reproduire ou diffuser une image

(photographie ou vidéo) s'y rapportant doit respecter les principes

issus du droit de la vie privée et du droit à l'image. Toute atteinte au

droit à l'image constitue donc une violation de la vie privée.

Le caractère privé ou public et le lieu de la situation donnent - ou

non - le droit à chacun de s'opposer à la publication de ces

informations personnelles.

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I often wished that we had not bought with a servitude applied to it, as you never know who you are going to end up with wanting to use it and in our case demanding that the road was kept up to standard.

The notaire, when we purchased was very wooly about what it would really mean to us, he was however obsessessed with telling me not to put a washing line at the front of our house and peg washing there. I didn't, french neighbours did[:-))]

Re photos, well NH's post covered it.

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