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EDF - New Laws?


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I have received an email from EDF concerning "Smart" meters.

Madame, Monsieur,

Vous avez jusqu'au 31 août pour profiter du remplacement du compteur

électrique sans frais et bénéficier ensuite de nouveaux services et offres


Nous rappelons que le Code de

l’Energie, dans son article L.322-4, précise que le compteur n’est pas la

propriété du Client mais celle des Collectivités Territoriales. De même, le

déploiement des compteurs communicants est obligatoire et encadré par la loi (au

titre du droit européen : annexe I§2 de la directive n°2009/72 du 13 juillet

2009 et obligation au titre du droit interne : Article L. 341 du code de

l’énergie). Enfin, le compteur communique via les câbles électriques déjà

existants et respecte les normes sanitaires définies au niveau européen et


Nous vous invitons à contacter, dès à présent, notre partenaire régional

EIFFAGE, au  0800 710 760, afin de convenir d’un rendez-vous pour

une intervention avant le 31/08/2016.



You have
until August 31 to enjoy the replacement of electric meter free and then benefit from new tariff deals and services.

We recall that the Energy Code, in Article L.322-4 specifies that the counter is not the property of the Client but the Local Authorities. Similarly, the deployment of smart meters is mandatory and regulated by law (under European law: I§2 Annex to Directive No. 2009/72 of 13 July 2009 and obligation under domestic law: Article L. 341 code of energy). Finally, the meter communicates through existing electrical cables and meets the safety standards defined at European level and France.

We invite you to contact, as of now, our regional partner Eiffage at 0800 710 760 to arrange an appointment for an intervention before 31/08/2016.

Anyone else have any clarification on this, please?

Is the really "Mandatory"?

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Yes apparently it is.

Mine was done a couple of months ago.  They did most of the whole village in one go then came back for the stragglers.  I couldn't get to my place but my lovely neighbour let them in to change the meter.  It took about 15 minutes to do.

A good thing from my point of view as I will get more accurate bills  instead of claiming a refund each year as I don't use much Leccy.

Also my meter was so old I think it was installed before electricity was invented so I was due for an upgrade.

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I wouldn't call a law passed in 2009 a "new" law!

If they want change the meter, you can't stop them because it's their meter and the law says they can.

Obviously you can try to delay it happening, but eventually they will insist and you will have to let them. The fact that they say they'll do it for free before 31/08, suggests that if you delay until after that date they might charge you for the privilege; that's the message they're giving, at any rate - whether it's bluff or not, you won't know unless you call it.
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Pierre, how big is your new meter?

I'm not looking forward to this because the previous occupant has built the meter into a kind of wooden box with cupboards fitted all around it. For one thing I'm not going to be popular with the chap who comes to change it when he discovers he's got all that lot to dismantle, and for another thing, it's going to make a proper mess of my living room wall.
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I would like  one of the new Linky metres



(not the same as the older sort Gluestick) but have been told we wont get them before 2021...[:(]

On the other hand, in town I already have the equivalent for the water and can get a daily read-out of the amount used even when I am not there (there are tenants)

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