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I'm told a Power of Attorney should be organised while one is still of sound mind, otherwise things can get complicated. Does this exist in France?

If in UK, we could have a POA drawn up naming each other, then our children, subject to a medical diagnosis of incapacity. Otherwise there could be problems accessing bank accounts, paying for a funeral etc.

Does anyone know?
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Yes, there are such things.  Two versions I think. I would go and see a Notaire to have it explained.  I was told we could organise it ourselves (for my mother who had dementia) but it seemed very complicated so we did not do it.  All her money was in joint accounts with my father so it never became vital.

One version is a "Tutelle" - which you could google.

I am sure someone else will be along shortly to explain it better.

Edit:  Link below gives details of Tutelle and Curatelle.   If it does not "link" then it could be copied and pasted to the browser line.


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Have just been through this with a friend and her family. Unfortunately they left it too late. On the Bank account front, we spoke to our Notaire who rang the bank for a "Pouvoir" for her children. The bank official gave the family all the necessary codes to access the bank accounts on line. We went to the hospital with the bank official to get the lady to sign the Pouvoir. Unfortunately she was too far gone. But it was a very simple procedure. If it had been possible, the accounts would have been cleared to avoid tax problems (non adopted children).

For bill paying whilst the estate is being sorted out, the Notaire sends the funeral bills etc to the Bank signed good for payment and they pay.
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