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not only online signatures but also...THIS!


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Many apologies for quoting myself but I am reproducing last post on that thread in case people are by now fed up of talking about online signatures.

Please read and advise:

I don't know why I allow myself to get into these situations.  Let me explain as I need somebody's help even more now!


filled in the contract to start on 15 Feb (when my present one runs

out) but, as you all know, I didn't know how to sign it online.  Also, I

only had 2 out of 4 pieces of information to upload.  Not yet cancelled

my old contract and not yet demanded un relevé.


there wasn't enough time for the company to set up a direct debit for

the first premium, I went ahead and paid by credit card for the year. 

It was only about an hour later when I emailed to say I didn't want to

take out the contract after all. I thought all would be OK.


rang my credit card company to see if the money had left my account. 

It hadn't left but had been authorised.  I explained to the advisor

about my changing my mind and said I was ringing to alert them of a

potential problem.  They said they couldn't stop payment but if it does

go through, then I could contest it following the usual route.


me if I didn't receive an email from the insurance company to say I

couldn't cancel because it didn't comply with the conditions set out for

cancellation.  I was flabberghasted.  I wrote back tonight to say the

contract hadn't even started and to ask whether they did not have a

cooling off period (une periode de réfection) especially as they are an

on-line company.

So does anyone know more about

this area of consumer law?  If the contract hasn' event started and as I

hadn't signed it and had notified them of my intention not to go ahead

within the hour, could they really make me go ahead with it?  My other

car is already insured with them (incidentally I didn't pluck this

company out of the air) a French friend had recommended them.

Come, all your heads must definitely be better than my one head! Help me with your knowledge and advice, svp.....
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SFR took out an unsigned Prelevement out of our Bank Account. (we did ask for a fibre contract which after two months they admitted they could not provide) I just went down to the bank and signed an opposition explaining, like you, no contract had been signed. Got the money back straight away.
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Thanks, id, your first link is good enough as it was an online "contrat", I hadn't provided all the documentation and I hadn't signed it.   En plus, the contrat hasn't even started, due to start on 15 fev.

Lehaut, I had to use my Nationwide credit card as I do not have a French credit card or even a French carte bleue in my name.  I have telephoned Nationwide and, should they take the money, Nationwide will contest it.

This morning, I was at the AGM for my walking club and the friend who recommended the company to me said that it was an arnaque as I hadn't signed anything and the paperwork wasn't complete.

So based on everything I have heard, I shall write to them by recommended post, with copies of my emails to them and also copies of my present contract which is in existence and, of course, I cannot have the car insured by 2 different companies!

Renewed thanks to you both.

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Just to let you know, id, that I'd emailed again reiterating the points I have made in my OP before asking the question on the forum.

In order to fulfill my own bit of the "contract" although it was non existent, I wrote a letter, quoting the conditions relating to a policy fait  à distance and sent it off by lettre recomandée avec avis de réception.

They will get that letter tomorrow but, in the meantime, today I had an email from another person than the original man telling me to résilier the contract as I have already done and that they will repay my cotisation. 

So I said thank you for this correct response and that I did think all the staff would have been trained to the same level in order to better serve their customers.  And just to encourage a rapid resolution I said that in view of this later response I might think of taking out policies with them when the insurance on my cars and house are due.

I shall wait to see how long this all takes but at least I have established that they do owe me the money.

So thank you again, id.  You have been immensely helpful as usual and I know you would have spent  time to look up stuff on the internet for me.

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